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nine rooms. one bar. so many stars.

Return to the simple pleasures in the middle of the wild Catskills, just two hours and forty minutes from NYC. A cozy bed, the quiet sounds of the country, a sip of something by a bonfire. It's the country getaway you know you need.  


First settled in the early 1800s, the property has had many incarnations, from a Dutch farm to The Schwarzenegger's Sunshine Valley House. Yup. That Schwarzenegger. Want the whole story? Well, you're gonna have to swing by the bar for that!

meet the innkeepers

Hey there, I’m Casey Scieszka, on the right. I’m a born and raised Brooklyn girl who turns out to have a soft spot for the country. Before moving to the Catskills in 2013, I lived around the world in places as far flung as Beijing, San Francisco, Fez, and quite literally Timbuktu. I’m a writer and designer, which is what I did full time before I had this craaazy idea to open an Inn.

You’ll probably see me around with a tall, bearded guy. That’s my husband, Steven Weinberg. He’s an illustrator and kids' book writer full-time. An avid skier and fly-fisherman, he's right at home here in the mountains. We've got a wee one named Amina and a hound named Waldo.

You'll also meet our oh so wonderful Assistant Innkeepers Hannah and Lexi! When Hannah’s not posted up at our Front Desk and Bar she's probably pulled over on one of these country roads snapping a quick pic for her blog or baking something delicious to share. Lexi recently moved up from Brooklyn where she was an aquaponic farmer. When she’s not here at the Inn, she’s probably at her sewing machine or studying German. We couldn’t run this place without them!