Thank you so much to everyone who applied.

We're hiring! Assistant Innkeeper

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Assistant Innkeeper. 30-ish hours per week.


Innkeepers do a little bit of everything! That's the BEST part about this job. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Checking guests in and out
  • Being a local concierge
  • Morning coffee service
  • Afternoon and evening bar service
  • Fielding Front Desk emails, phone calls, and drop ins
  • Special Events assistance, especially with our brand spankin' new Events Barn May through October
  • Assisting in the cleaning of Room One our Front Desk & Bar
  • Assisting in stocking of inventory, supplies, and merchandise
  • Assisting in some bookkeeping
  • Occasional laundry of linens (i.e. wash, dry, and fold)
  • Occasional cleaning of guest rooms including final preparation (i.e. placement of in-room materials and pre-arrival packages)
  • Light groundskeeping (ex: help with salting the walkway during the winter, help with cleaning grills)
  • Occasional off-site errands (ex: picking up citrus for the bar or dropping off quarterly water samples to the lab in Hunter)


All Monday through Thursday coffee and bar hours are applicable only if there are overnight guests and you do not need to be on site during the break between the two shifts. During any hours that fall within the bar’s open to the public hours (Friday 4-11pm, Saturday 8:30am-11pm, and Sunday 8:30am-7pm), you are required to be on site. Any cleaning can take place whenever feasible in order to have the necessary amount of rooms ready for scheduled check-ins, last minute check-ins, and walk-ins. Schedule might vary a little in order to accommodate 3 day weekends, weddings, and other special events including the coverage of other Innkeepers' shifts if necessary.

MON 8:30-10:30am coffee / 4-7pm bar

TUE 8:30-10:30am coffee / 4-7pm bar

FRI  4-11pm bar

SAT 10:30am-3pm coffee and bar

SUN  11am-7pm coffee and bar


  • $14 per hour paid bi-weekly by direct deposit every other Friday. Taxes are automatically withheld and paid on behalf of the employee.
  • Monday through Thursday hours are occupancy dependent, but you are guaranteed 20 hours per week.
  • Tips given to the employee are split only when the service is split. (I.e., If two Innkeepers handle one bar tab together.) Cash tips are the employee’s responsibility to report on their income tax. Tips made on credit cards are given in cash at the end of the shift.
  • Workers Compensation and Disability covered.
  • 2 weeks paid annual vacation (10 working days) to be requested in writing, preferably at least a month in advance. Vacation does not roll over yearly. Additional unpaid vacation can be negotiated.
  • 1 week paid annual sick/personal leave (5 working days).
  • 6 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave (30 working days). Additional leave at partial pay can be negotiated.
  • Jury duty is covered at full pay for up to 1 week (5 working days).
  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer housing, however we are MORE happy to help you in your search if you are relocating!

Requirements / commitment

No hospitality experience is required, though it will make you a stronger candidate. We're looking for someone who can commit, at minimum, one year. Bonus points for experience/interest in bartending, bookkeeping, wine, weddings, and the Catskills. Longterm, as you grow and the business grows, the position can grow as well!



Please email your resumé and the contact information for at least one professional recommendation to casey@sprucetoninn.com and let us know in a brief paragraph why this position here interests you.